Pat J. on May 20, 2017
Just Like The First Day You Drove it Off the Lot!!

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Jul 22
by Guest01767
great service!

Barney C.
Certified BMW repair shop. Emphasis on "certified". They did a thorough job on fixing my 328I after it got rear ended. The repair process took a while though due to the BMW mandated testing for replacement panels and parts but I rather it be done right. They kept me well informed during the whole process which is appreciated. What I really appreciated was the mechanic in the garage who offered further assistance in trying to figure out why my aftermarket rearview camera was not working after I brought it in. The front office guy was a "company man" and lead with "oh, we're not at fault" out the gate without me even insinuating that. It was a good experience overall though. Don't take your beamer to any where else.


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